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We pride ourselves on fine lines and bold designs. We are the only female driven studio in Johannesburg and are based inBlairgowire, Randburg.


Shop is open Tuesday to Saturday (every alternate Saturday) 10h00 to 16h00.

We only take tattoo appointments from 11 am!


For bookings or enquiries please email us: tingtattoo@gmail.com or pop into the shop.

110 Susman Drive, Blairgowrie, Randburg, 2194

Meet the Team

— TING —

Ting has been tattooing for 8 years now. Her Career kicked off in about 2009, where her hobby became her career by taking up a tattoo apprenticeship with the well known brand and store Iron Fist Ink in Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa. Since then, Ting has become known in the industry for her soft touch and delicate watercolour pieces. Her beautiful shop full of plants, ornaments and pictures can be found in the lovely suburbs of Blairgowrie. She enjoys all forms of art activities, has a profound love for animals and the light of her life is her one year old son, Rocco!

— ROMI —

Romi is currently Ting’s apprentice and joined the team in January 2017. She is all round badass with a unique style both in her dress sense and illustrations. She also happens to have the coolest hairstyles you’ve ever seen! Romi enjoys drawing blackwork, traditional designs and can draw a freehand mandala like you cannot believe! She learnt the time consuming art of handpoked tattoos and is currently taking bookings for machine tattoos at apprentice rates.

— DEE —

The founder of Steamed Rabbit, is a jaw dropping freelance artist who does unbelievable drawings, she makes the coolest mugs and takes commissions to draw/paint portraits or any other wild ideas you may have. She joined Ting’s Tattoos during the course of 2017 to assist with custom design work and has helped oil the shop into a powerful machine running at full tilt to push out great tattoos! She was also the organiser behind Pins and Needles our recent alternative market that we held outside our store which had a massive turnout! We will hopefully be doing this market every 8 weeks now, so keep an eye out for the next poster!

— ROB —

Rob moved up to Johannesburg from Durban and joined Ting’s Tattoos in January 2017. Rob is known as the jokester around the shop and the pranks between him and Ting are endless! It’s not a good week at the tattoo shop unless someone’s car gets cling wrapped!! Rob’s style of tattooing included that of Disney characters, cartoons and neotraditonal styles. He enjoys as much colour as possible! His career started out as a graffiti artist who then found a love of putting artwork on people’s skin rather than on moving trains or the sides of buildings. Lol.

— KYLE —

Kyle also joined the team this year proving that even an all girls shop needs a man or two around! He has been in the tattoo industry for a few years now and is currently a junior artist with us. He has a love for linework and geometric designs and this lucky number 13 guy has some killer designs up for grabs. He is also the only person we know that happens to have more nicknames than you can count on all fingers and toes..

"Tattoos are an amazing choice of individuality and expression and can mark huge milestones or experiences one may have in their lifetime."

Ting Thorne

Custom Designed Tattoos

Tings Tattoos offer custom designed tattoos following a free consultation. Unfortunately we don’t do consultations on Saturdays.

Ting does consultations every Wednesday at 10:30.

Other artirts consultations are anytime between Tuesday and Friday.

Tattoos Fees

Ting Thorne charges per piece, please contact for a quotation.
Other artists charge R950.00 per hour.
Design Fee

Design Fee for Ting is R350.00 (includes 3 Design changes / following that it’s R125 per change).

Design Fee for Natalie is R250.00 (includes 3 Design changes / following that it’s R125.00 per change).




Where to find and contact us:

  • 110 Susman Ave, Blairgowrie, Randburg, 2194
  • +27 (0) 11 781 3189

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