Piercings with Ting

Request a piercing booking with Ting. Because Ting is usually tattooing throughout the day she can offer piercing spots before her day starts at 9am or at the end of her day at 4pm. If you cannot make these times please mention it in “additional note” on the booking form and we will try find a space for you. All piercings are done with a needle and prices include jewellery. We will not pierce anyone younger than 16 years old. If you are under 18 years old you must have parental consent present on the day of the piercing.

Lobe (R250/R350 for two)

Rook (R350)

Helix (R250)

Industrial (R450)

Helix (R250)

Forward helix (R350)

Daith (R350)

Tragus (R350)

Snug (R350)

Conch (R350)

Inner conch (R350)

Eyebrow (R350)

Nostril (R350)

Smiley (R350)

Lip (R350)

Navel (R350)

Nipple (R350 /R500 for two)

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