Tattoo raffle

to save a little dog named Olaf

Thank you everyone for your support!

We have closed entries to the raffle and will be doing the raffle draw very soon! Thank you to everyone who have helped Olaf so far! He is recovering very quickly. We will be emailing everyone who entered and letting them know when we will be doing the draw.

Please help Olaf

We all have a soft spot when it comes to animals, and will do anything in our power to help a furbaby in need.

Olaf is not out of the woods yet, after being abandoned by his family and then torn to shreds in a vicious dog fight. This little guy needs a helping hand as he seeks medical help at Bryanston Vet.

Olaf's story

Our neighbours house burnt down a while ago and the only person occupying the premises was a guard. The owners had left their three big dogs on the property, two German shepherds and a weimaraner. We have been keeping a close eye on them to make sure they are fed and looked after and thankfully they look like they are in good condition despite having to live in the rubble of the burnt house.

We did notice some aggression from the dogs towards our dogs through the fence when we first moved in but they slowly got used to each other. On the morning of the 9th Feb, we heard a new little bark coming from the neighbours garden and upon investigating we found a very happy little dog who looked like a long-haired Daschund, wagging his tail furiously and trying to get through the fence to us. He was such a sweet little thing. Our immediate thought was where were the big dogs?!! And they were nowhere in sight. So we thought perhaps they have been moved to the front part of the property. So we said our goodbyes to the cute little face and left for work.

That afternoon, we had gotten home from work and not more than half an hour later, we heard blood curdling screams from a small dog and the huge commotion of a dog fight ensued. We knew immediately who was in trouble and we ran as fast as we could to the fence line and the poor dog was being pinned against the fence and bitten repeatedly by one of the German shepherds.  I could not get to him and through the chicken coop and they took off further down the fence line. Nathan has luckily run to that area of our garden and managed to shout at the German shepherd who thankfully stopped his attack and sauntered away leaving a blood soaked and shocked little dog who was frantically climbing up our fence to get away. We ran and got some wire cutters and started cutting away the fence when a man appeared out of nowhere.

We asked if it was his dog. He told us that the security guard on the property had found the dog running in the road and taken it in. With some convincing, he finally handed over the poor dog through the fence and we wrapped him in a blanket and rushed him off to Bryanston vet as they are open 24hrs.

Upon arriving we were told if he is a stray, he will be handed over to the SPCA. He was checked for a microchip and the machine suddenly went “beep beep”! We were delighted that he did in fact have a family and couldn’t wait to have them notified and reunited!  We were told he was a 5 year old boy named Olaf and that he was a Spaniel/Daschund cross. We hung around as the receptionist made the call, it was answered by a man, only to be told that he had moved away and did not want the dog. I fail to find the words and cannot describe the emotions coursing through my body at that moment. Nathan was so clearly upset about the call and had to walk outside for a minute. I felt anger, and shame and utter disgust that a human being can just dump a small dog like that on the side of the road and move away leaving it there. He subsequently surrendered the dog to me and completed and emailed back the surrender form within minutes. I was shocked at how quick he sent the signed form back and thought to myself how quick it could have been to rather hand the dog in at a Vet or SPCA but chose the cowardly route of abandonment.

So we are now the proud new parents of sweet little Olaf and therefore have taken on all the responsibilities that come with that decision. He was in poor condition from living on the streets and suffered multiple bite wounds all over his back, sides of his stomach and over his back legs. Dog bites are nasty and the doctors are keeping him comfortable and flushing the wounds and applying new bandaging throughout the day. There is one large wound which may still require a few stitches but currently they just have to keep all the gaping holes clean and make sure that no infection sets in.

Myself, Nate and Megan have all decided to do a raffle to raise some money to squash some of these huge vet bills we received and will continue to receive until Olaf is well enough to come home with us and join our family. The three of us will be giving away some awesome tattoo time to 9 lucky winners as we will each have three raffle winners! And who doesn’t want a new tattoo after enduring an already tough few months during the pandemic we are facing! We would love an appreciate all the raffle entries and will forever be grateful that you were able to help a little dog in need.

All our love and thanks,

Ting, Nate & Megan

How can you help?

Unfortunately nothing in life these days is free, we didn’t feel right asking for mere donations to help Olaf without offering something in return. Which is why we have decided to run a tattoo raffle to help fund some of Olaf’s vet bills.

Ting, Nate and Megan will be raffling three vouchers each and will have nine lucky winners.

Entries are not limited and will increase your chance of winning.

We are so grateful for your support. <3

First prize – a 6 hour voucher valued at R6600.00

Second prize – a 2 hour voucher valued at R2200.00

Third prize – a 1 hour voucher valued at R1100.00

First prize – a 6 hour voucher valued at R3900.00

Second prize – a 2 hour voucher valued at R1300.00

Third prize – a tattoo voucher valued at R650.00

First prize – a 2 hour voucher valued at R1700.00

Second prize – a 1 hour voucher valued at R850.00

Third prize – a tattoo voucher valued at R500.00


If you would simply like to donate to help Olaf please fill out the form below. You will automatically be sent banking details. Thank you so much for your support! (If you don’t receive an email please check your spam inbox or contact us on